Can’t use camera phone at work?

  No worries, we’ve Non-camera iPhone 7, 6S, 6, 5S, 4S and 4 – just for you!

Making Non-camera iPhones since 2011 makes customized original Non-camera iPhones for customers who work in sensitive areas such as Oil & Gas, Military, Laboratories – or even students from religious schools in certain countries who are not allowed to carry camera phones.

We understand the pain of having to use a “dumb-phone” or a horrible cheap Non-camera Android device which freezes every time you try to do something with it. As such, we only offer original customized Apple iPhone devices.


Ready-to-use Non-camera iPhones

Get a Non-camera iPhone quick! No hassle – just open the box and begin using!

  • Non-camera iPhone 6S (Ready-to-Use Set)

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  • Non-camera iPhone 6 (Ready-to-Use Set)

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    Non-camera iPhone 5S (Ready-to-Use Set)

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An introduction to

Conversion Kits

Convert your existing iPhone – DIY or we can do it for you!

  • Non-camera iPhone 7 (Conversion Kit)

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  • Non-camera iPhone 6S (Conversion Kit)

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  • Non-camera iPhone 6 (Conversion Kit)

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  • Non-camera iPhone 5S (Conversion Kit)

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Our Customers are Worldwide

We have served thousands of happy customers worldwide since 2011. Some of our customers work in the following organizations:

From UAE – Abu Dhabi & Dubai:

From Singapore: